Edit properties

It is possible to define mandatory properties. The check is done on saving the document.
On the pages with the tabs ID, General, Info, Design values, Additional documents, Main customfields, More customfields you can edit the properties.

The properties on the page ID
The documentname is saved in projectproperties / dokumentnumber. It can be retrieved from the filename. This is the most essential property to do revisioning or replacing links.
Saved in property Custom/DLM_ArtikelNr. It can be retrieved from the filename.
Saved in Projectproperties/Revisionnumber.
The revisionnumber is calculated due to the entered setup.
For a revision you can enter a change text (DLM_Revision_Text).
Even if you don't have a revision yet, you can enter text here.
Date and user are entered automatically (DLM_Revision_am, DLM_Revision_von).
The properties on the page General
The projectname is saved in Projektproperties/Projectname.
Material corresponds to SE / Extras materialtable.
The weight is read and if valid, saved to the custom property DLM_Gewicht. If invalid the value is set to 0. An existing value > 0 is not changed to 0.
Original_Created_by will be set to (if existant) tried in the order Alias, Author, Login-Username by clicking the button „fill now“. (or if empty automatically on close)
Original_Created_at will be tried to set to date created or else now by clicking the button „fill now“. (or if empty automatically on close)
this two fields stay with the same values as the original for each revision.
Manual change is possible.
The fields are saved in the custom properties.
The properties on the page Info
The properties Title, Theme, Author, Manager, Company, Category, Keywords, Comment correspond to the page Info in the file properties.
For categorie and keywords one or more values can be taken from a predefined list in FFPrep.
The properties on the page Design values
Unter A bis G können 7 numerische Konstruktionsdaten erfasst werden.
Die Bedeutung der Daten kann eingegeben, selektiert oder aus der Zuordnung bei der Kategorisierung übernommen werden.
Sind SolidEdge Variablen mit den Namen hwa,... hwg vorhanden, so werden deren Werte automatisch entsprechend übernommen.
The properties on the page Additional documents
Einem SolidEdge – Dokument können bis zu 100 Dokumente zugeordnet werden, bzw die Zuordnung kann entfernt werden . Eine vorhandene Zuordnung kann über „öffnen“ mit der passenden Anwendung geöffnet werden. Sie werden im FFViewer angezeigt und können von dort per Doppelklick geöffnet werden.
The properties on the page Main customfields
Diese Eigenschaften werden im FFPrep definiert und können in der Hauptansicht des FFViewer angezeigt werden. Von den 10 möglichen Feldern werden nur die definierten zur Eingabe angezeigt. Vorbelegt sind die 3 Felder Benennung1, Benennung2 und Benennung3, die über FFPrep auch umdefiniert sein könnten.
Beispiele: Lieferant (entspricht Benutzereigenschaften/Lieferant)
Bestellnummer (entspricht Benutzereigenschaften/Bestellnummer)
Kunde (entspricht Benutzereigenschaften/Kunde)
The properties on the page More customfields
Die vorhandenen benutzerdefinierten Eigenschaften werden in einer Liste angezeigt. Bei Auswahl durch Klick können in den Eingabefeldern Änderungen erfolgen. Ohne eine Auswahl werden neue Eigenschaften erzeugt. Die Anzeige ist alphabetisch sortiert.

Folgende Benutzereigenschaften werden vom FastFinder beim ersten Speichern angelegt:
Bearbeiter, DLM_In_Arbeit_von, DLM_In_Arbeit_am, DLM_Freigegeben_von, DLM_Freigegeben_am, Erstellt_Name, Erstellt_Datum.
Die Eigenschaften Bearbeiter, Erstellt_Name, Erstellt_Datum werden automatisch ausgefüllt.
Bearbeiter entspricht dem Namen des Benutzers, der die Datei zuletzt mit dem FastFinder gespeichert hat. (ohne FastFinder = „zuletzt gespeichert von“, igSumInfoLastAuthor) , wenn der Status < (3) Freigegeben ist. Der Prüfer wird nicht als Bearbeiter eingetragen, wenn er die Datei freigibt. (Allerdings ändert sich das Datum „zuletzt gespeichert “, welches dazu angezeigt wird).

Bei Neuanlage haben alle Dokumente den Status (0) „verfügbar“. Beim Speichern kann der Status auf (1) „in Arbeit“ gesetzt werden. Wann und durch wen ein Dokument den Status In Arbeit (1) erhalten hat, wird vom FastFinder-Addin automatisch in den Benutzereigenschaften DLM_In_Arbeit_am und DLM_In_Arbeit_von gespeichert. Die Felder werden wieder gelöscht, wenn das Dokument einen anderen Status erhält.

Edit Metadata

It is possible to define mandatory. They are checked when saving documents. View on the sides with the tabs Identifier, General, Info, home values, additional documents, Power Users, fields, Custom maintained various file properties. Properties on the page ID document Name The document name is entered in the Project Properties / document number. It can be taken from the file name. Target with the possibilities of revisioning / replace links for this document (Part / Assembly) can be used, here an input is necessary.

Article number DLM_ArtikelNr. It can be taken from the file name.

revision The revision is entered in the Project Properties / revision number. Depending on the default revision number is created. For each revision a text can be entered (DLM_Revision_Text). Also for the original can be entered here also something meaningful. Date and users are automatically entered (DLM_Revision_am, DLM_Revision_von) and displayed. The properties on the General page Project meets the Project Properties / Project Name Material corresponds to the SE / Extras material table. Weight is read and stored in validity in the User Properties / DLM_Gewicht. In Invalid is 0. Original Created By is set depending on the presence in the sequence alias, Author, login Username "now complete" by the button. (or if empty automatically when you exit) Original created is "now complete" set depending on the presence in the order creation date, current date by pressing the button. (or if empty automatically when you exit) The two fields contain revisions to the data on the original revision. You may also be changed manually here though. There are user properties.

The properties on the About page The properties title, subject, author, manager, company, category, keywords, notes correspond to the About page in the file properties. In category and key words or more values can be taken from those provided by the FFPrep lists. The properties on the special The properties on the main values Under A to G 7 numerical Kostruktionsdaten can be detected. The meaning of the data can be entered, selected or created in association with the categorization. Are Solid Edge variables named hwa, ... hwg present, whose values are automatically applied accordingly. The properties on the Additional Documents A Solid Edge - Document Up to 100 documents are assigned, or the assignment can be removed. An existing mapping can "open" opens with the appropriate application. They appear in ffViewer and can be opened from there by double clicking. The properties on the main user fields These properties are defined in the FFPrep and can be displayed in the main view of ffViewer. Of the 10 possible fields are displayed only defined for input. Pre-empted are 3 fields Benennung1, Benennung2 and Benennung3 that may be redefined over FFPrep. example: Supplier corresponds User Properties / Supplier Order number corresponds User Properties / Order Customer corresponding user properties / customer The properties on the Custom page The existing custom properties are displayed in a list. If you select by clicking changes can be made in the input fields. Without a selection of new properties are produced. The display is sorted alphabetically. Notices The following user properties are created by FastFinder you first saved: Editor, DLM_In_Arbeit_von, DLM_In_Arbeit_am, DLM_Freigegeben_von, DLM_Freigegeben_am, Erstellt_Name, Erstellt_Datum. the properties Editor, Erstellt_Name, Erstellt_Datum be filled in automatically. Editor matches the user who has the last file saved with the Fast Finder name. (without FastFinder = "last saved by" igSumInfoLastAuthor) when the status' (3) Approved. The examiner is not registered as an agent when it releases the file. (However, the date changes "last saved", which appears to it).

When a new all documents the state (0) "available." When saving the status (1) can be placed "in progress". When and by whom a document is given the status of In Progress (1) is automatically saved by Fast Finder Add-in user properties DLM_In_Arbeit_am and DLM_In_Arbeit_von. The fields are deleted when the document is replaced by a different status.

Import / Export

Use this button to e.g. the properties of the parts master data of ERP and PDM - are matched system. In a small window of the current template file for export or import is displayed. These can be changed via the buttons with the 3 points. The entries are noted for the next call.

If an xls file is selected as the template, when exporting is a document per line is written using the predefined attribute or updated and when importing an associated line is located and updated metadata to the corresponding column contents.

A template with any extension should be an editable file. When you export and import in the defined there fields of the form <extension of the template> in Solid Edge program directory <property name> is replaced by the value of each property and file export or import. Saved. The file is then opened with the enlargement associated standard program.

The possible attribute names are listed in the Appendix.

An export file (export.cmd) might look like this: rem sample template file for the FastFinder export rem <property name> is replaced by the current value of the Solid Edge document output.txt echo "part number = <Item>" >> echo "title = <DokuBez>"> output.txt output.txt echo "revision = <RevBez>" >> echo "client = <client>" >> output.txt output.txt echo "provider = <provider>" >> output.txt echo "change = <Saved>" >> echo "editor = <processor>" >> output.txt echo "File Name = <filename>" >> output.txt output.txt echo "full name = <pathandname>" >> break output.txt execute-the-ERP-import-program.exe break

The import expects the data in the table import the database from the template file (script) must be filled. An import file (import.cmd) might look like this: sqlcmd.exe -spc-1 \ DLM -dDLM_SE -i -o import.sql import.txt -W -v product code = '<Item> ' which then contains import.sql corresponding sql commands. SELECT * FROM [ERP] WHERE [Item] LIKE $ (item number); GO ... and write in the import table Following the acquisition of the import table of data acquired will be deleted.


Parts assemblies and drawings can be categorized. There are separate category definitions. They are read once in FFprep via an Excel file or updates for maintenance. There are, as in the FF V2 five levels. In addition, here for compatibility reasons V2 to the user properties' principal characteristic A "and" B main feature "can be entered. The values from the input fields Category A..E be in the user properties' principal characteristic C "," main feature D "," E Main Feature "," main feature F "," G main feature "saved. The date and the current user name is entered in the user properties DLM_Kategorisiert_am and DLM_Kategorisiert_von. The categorization is the task of the investigator.

In order to test If the status (2) To test via the menu item Fast Finder | Set For testing, you can specify the user name of an examiner (stored in DLM_Freigegeben_von, and _am). About ffViewer the document can be opened only by an inspector or the administrator. The examiner can use this to to let in ffViewer View all documents that have yet to be examined by it. It also made use of this user names, especially, any other auditor back or release the document. An e-mail will be processed and can be delivered to the examiner or agent. After checking back to Editors The menu item to test changes after changing the status of the document in the menu After checking back to agent. This is performed by the auditor, if he can not release the document. The document regains the status (0). An e-mail will be processed and can be delivered to the examiner or agent.


Only users with the examiner can FastFinder the status to Released, (Stipulations, Invalid) set. For the states (3-5) Released, Stipulations and Invalid Fast Finder offers a resettable replacement. Instead of using the status settings in the document properties (Solid Edge status), a document to must be enabled via the menu item FastFinder / share. This release relies DLM_Status the user attribute to the appropriate state, and marks the file as read-only. The document is thus protected against modification. When and by whom the document was released, is also stored in the user properties DLM_Freigegeben_am and DLM_Freigegeben_von. To this FastFinder - reset release, you must first remove the write protection of the file (in Explorer in the properties of the file). After that, you can check the status under Fast Finder | Change enable it back to Available. The Fast Finder - sharing is also canceled when the document on the normal Solid Edge - Release Status: the Solid Edge - release overwrites the Fast Finder - released.

Fill in the title block

For output characteristics are stored in the leaf format table. From template file and background page the footer template used is determined.

The corresponding revisions to the data are taken from the first built-up part (Part or Assembly), ie the review of the drawing and the part must be equal. It will erase all the revisions (-1) to the current revision of the drawing, selected the last n versions, or selectable output only the latest revision. A special feature for the column H (height) is to be mentioned here. If the value is negative, the revisions from top to bottom are written. The audit data can optionally be generated from the revisions of the draft.

The criteria used are determined automatically. The text field can also be output on a background sheet. The text boxes are described centered vertically. Must fill existing text boxes from previous signature field can not be deleted manually if the text boxes are still in the same place.


There is now a button scale, which the user-defined variable DLM_Massstab writes (legend text) and copy this value to the clipboard.

Create Revision

A revision can be created from any existing revision of a component, a drawing or assembly. It tries to determine the new revision number automatically from the current revision. If no revision number assigned, the value set in the configuration Underlying ("a", "1", "a", "A", "01", "A") is adopted. You may also be entered manually. The revision separator is taken from the value set in the configuration, if the global set in Solid Edge value can not be determined. The file name is typically formed from the base name by appending the revision separator and the revision number. Alternatively, you may create a new name with the file name wizard. The manual entry is possible. Warnings are issued when it is determined when you save, the file name already exists in the database or directory. The revision of text that describes the change can be entered any length. When you write only the current revision information, or the revision information of all revisions can be positioned up to this revision on the signature panel. Note: Notwithstanding the Fast Finder Version 2 the revision information of current version will only be saved in user boxes. Note: For multi-line text positioning in the signature field is to be corrected manually.


Is proposed to store the current name in the current directory, or the automatically generated name in the current directory. When saving always check the directory. Using icons folders can be selected (FF-directory directory of the original, preferred directory (abh.von .par, .dft o. Asm), arbitrarily). The currently selected directory can be made on hook for preferred list. A wizard to generate the file name can be called. As usual in Solid Edge can be "In progress" is set when you save the status.

Zugehörige Zeichnung öffnen

Save Copy as

The current file is saved as it is under a new name. To determine a new file name, the wizard can be consulted.

Reserve filename

To determine a new file name, the wizard can be consulted. The file extension can be pre-entered in the input field. Default is the extension of the current document. The file name generated is copied to the clipboard.

Replace Parts / Used models

This menu item help to quickly update an assembly or a drawing should be done on a new revision. For an existing assembly, all visible documents (par, asm) are displayed. For each built-in document existing revisions are selected. The document name is part of the audit, ie It is offered for exchange only documents with the same document name. There is now also a button to perform any replacement can. That is the same as the graphical selection and replacement in the SE. If the switch is activated to replace. The foregoing shall mutatis mutandis to a drawing.

A function that can generate new revisions of parts / assemblies and through the use of proof of origin revision of assemblies is not implemented. Functions of the wizard to generate a file name Currently there are 3 different ways: To generate the next available sequence number in a selected area with Prefix (any) and the number of points (3-18) preset length. The search can be set using all types (asm, par ...) or separately. The wizard for determining a next free number has been generalized. A prefix and postfix and the number of digits can be determined in length The selection boxes for prefix / postfix will create when you click on list filled with all possible values When you click on Preview the next available number is determined. the date and the next free 3-digit number (over all types, or separated) date and time

Create regarding third place will be able to appear around the filename assistant call its own window.

Save in Database


Toggle debug mode



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