FFViewer: bugfix : no data was shown after reload
FFEdge: allow xlsx on im/export, enable single line+heading xlsx for import to the active document.

Common: Changed debug to error, sql, info (debug = info+sql).
FFViewer: Changed start (load data as event after load of screen)
FFViewer: Speed up revision recognition (not to show for foa/fop)

Don't show family members as revision. bugfix: Sometime the revisions were shown incorrect.
Changed revision check from test of DLM_Revision_von to no of revisions>1
Do not reset BOM for copy, revise or project, if action is aborted.
FFPrep: bugfix showing truncated filename.
Add xlsx support.
bugfix : SE hanging. (recurive call of text property not expected)

Use Revised_by for definition of revision instead of Revisionnumber.
Make "Change to" functional for a family member in revisiondetails.
Warning info if doing complete BOM for copy, revise or project.

FFEdge: removed garbage collection.
FFEdge/Exchange used models: Do not search revision for empty documentnumbers.
FFEdge/For review: bugfix if no e-mail address and
using alias for reviewer (if exists).

FFEdge/Properties change: reflect value nothing for changed text-property
FFEdge: Numbering gui in version from 503 to 3 and internal adding 100*SE-Version, to auto change on new SE-version.
FFEdge/Properties change: material selection order is now materialname|tablename.
Setup: doing regasm again in cmd-file (to have no setup error message on 32bit server).


FFEdge/Properties change: ~ Use changed text-property instead of textChanged-event for correct handling of empty text (don't use previous selection as .net does).
Revise: + Optional configuration: do not empty articlenumber on revise.


Install: Removed install FastFinderCommons to gac (must always be in SE program path).
FFEdge: Reading definition for madatory field only on addin connection.
FFEdge/Properties edit: Marking of madatory properties in edit properties corrected.
FFEdge/Properties edit: Don't mark documentnumber at first edit enter.
21.05.20156.503.4.99e-mail addy from alias.
21.05.20156.503.4.98Bugfix Tabswitching without a selected row for checking rights to edit


Configuration: reading configuration independant of version.
Auto debug for start.
FFEdge: bugfix for selection in lists.
Configuration: new Veriable for filling empty documentnumber in Solid Edge.
FFViewer\Edit: Authorization check for edit properties of released documents.


FFEdge\Properties:Bugfix for Combobox handling (overwriting empty properties).
FFEdge\Properties: Definition of mandatory properties is read only once from Database.
FFEdge\Addin: removes some code from error handling. (myupdate.exe calling ...)
Setup: deletes FastFinderCommons from SE exe path.
FFViewer\Translation: getting path of language files from registry (set by setup).


Signing the progs (no more hints at regasm)
FastFinderCommons install to GAC (copy to SE no longer nessessary)
FFEdge/Addin: auto debug at Start
Bugfix: Handling of empty Materialtable, Handling of Material input without library name
FFPrep: DBVersion check at config
DB Access checks and handling
using Ookii.Dialogs for FolderBrowserDialog independant from os
SEDraftXlib + SEPartXlib OCX from ST7


FFEdge/set Material by property change: Reactivation and implementation for ST7.
FFViewer/Mainview: Last Sort stays active on restart.
FFEdge: Bugfix for setting the weight of a sheetmetal document.
FFPrep: Bugfix for correct setting of DBVersion.


FFViewer: Solid Edge starts with splashview.
FFViewer/Change properties: "save or cancel" - question at edit check off.
FFViewer/folder + categories: buttons for "treeview expand and collapse".
FFViewer/revise+project..: waits again for pressing ready button.
FFViewer/Edit properties: Bugfix (custom)-properties without value are now deleted.
FFViewer: Bugfix outdated data showing mistakenly.
FFViewer: Bugfix message on reload: not existing index.
FFViewer: Bugfix for setup choice "don't show older revisions".
FFViewer/Edit properties: Shortcut Ctrl E implemented; Input for own boolean value names possible.
FFViewer/Release: Correct implementation of reverting.


Filename wizard: Bugfix for "Index 11 does not exist."
FFEdge/Change properties: Setting of material is disabled for all SE - versions.
FFEdge/Change properties: Bugfix for "Changed properties will sometimes not be changed or even overwritten from another document".


Delete to recycle bin
FFViewer/Details: Show files with SE - extension in additional files, if configured.
FFEdge/weight: Calculation: Ignore SE-errormessages.
FFViewer/Viewer menu: Don't show irrelevant menu items.
FFViewer/Mainview: Bugfix: show icons for extensions.
FFViewer/SaveChanges: show splash.
FFViewer/rename(reload): Bugfix: Don't show deleted rows anymore.
FFViewer/Revisionsview: Show max 10 revisions in details view.
FFViewer/FFEdge/Freigabe undo: no longer possible, if not allowed in permission config.
FFEdge/Save: Ignore a message for inserting interpart - links.


FFViewer/BOM: Addditional function: no Bom visible.
FFViewer/Revise: Menu is active only for released documents (if configured).


FFViewer/Provide for review: Alias for Editor, check for translation(943, "Return to editor")
FFViewer/FileInfosView/Copy: Bugfix RootFolder instead of RootFoler
FFViewer/ReviewerForm: Alias
FFViewer/Revise: Alias
25.02.20156.503.4.74FFViewer/Rename: Bugfix for renaming corrupt links.


FFEdge/Edit properties: Don't autoset documentnumber for templates; trim properties of templates.
FFViewer/Additional documents/Kontext: Copy remember last destionation; Implementation of Delete.
FFViewer/Show usage: Bugfix empty lines.


FFEdge/Save: Empty documentnumber is filled from filename.
FFViewer/folder filter: Add debug info for "Generate Treeview".
FF*/Save to db: Bugfix for conversion (integer, boolean).


FFViewer/Release: Release of FOA-members added.
FFViewer/Project: Restriction for special tables implemented.
FFEdge/Save: Bugfix for converting to int.


Filename generation: used for drafts, if set in config.
FFViewer/saving config: check for changes in objects. (u.a. filter saving)
Common: first version of formatting strings. (uppercase,lowercase,substring)
Common: enable/disable setup buttons for filename generation.
Filename generation / properties: extension without dot.
Setting alias for editor and categorised_by.
FFEdge/assigned draft: use normed path for drafts of subassemblies.
FFEdge/replace models: try special sorting for same revision.


FFViewer: starts/reloads/updates with a remembered filename
FFViewer/Mainview: modified fileselection at changing tabpage
FFViewer/BOM: Try for UpdateTree (on error UpdateTree with no data)
FFEdge: F1 on Menüitems links to help (webpage # - Marks)
FFEdge: try and exceptionbox for applyMaterial
14.12.20146.503.4.61FFViewer: Start and F5 with last selected file


FFEdge/Edit Properties: Create Gui only once
FFEdge/Edit Properties: Disable setting of material for ST7
FFEdge/Edit Properties: Remove search for empty Columns in SQL (is done afterwards)
FFPrep/Config : Tabsequence for properties to rename
FFViewer: remember (next) filename on renaming and deletion


Licence: FastFinder+ implementation
FFViewer/bom: resists on reload, sorting changed (extension(dft,...,asm), status,name)
FFViewer/categories: bugfix resetting other filter corrected
FFViewer/search with custom properties: implementation for new reload.
25.11.20146.503.4.57FastFinder/ filenamegeneration: another endless loop bug
  FFEdge/ save: mass problem for sync sheetmetal
  FFViewer: messages for problems while getting properties from se-files
  FFViewer/search for date: changed design and better functional
24.11.20146.503.4.56Filename generation : bugfix for endless loop
  Saving licence file to database and modified checks on startup
24.11.20146.503.4.55FFEdge: check DB Release at startup
23.11.20146.502.4.54FastFinder/Setup: Take setup language selection for FastFinder
  FFViewer/Start: Calculate ribbon height
  FFViewer/Start: Restore last search status
  FastFinder/File name generator: Formatting consecutive number with # or 0 is possible
  FastFinder/File name generator: use of absolute numbers is no individual selection
  FFViewer/Search datefields: startdat with automatic, setting focus correct if automatic is active, action for date unknown
  FFViewer/Exit: Ask for save, if properties changed
  FFViewer/Copy: Compare path and name independant from upper/lower-case
  FFEdge: Switch for "Fit view"
  FFEdge/Open corresponding draft: activate cancel
  FFEdge/File name generator: missing extension on save new document corrected
  FFEdge/Save: Switch for "in work" right justified
19.11.20146.502.4.52FFViewer/mainview: bugfix for Index Error on refresh (F5)
  FFViewer/Edit/Copy: moved view of sourceproject to log - output area
18.11.20146.502.4.51FFViewer - changing properties: correct handling of file protection
  FFEdge - family of assembly: write DLM-properties for family members to database
  Articlenumber is reset on revise.
  The data of the search are preserved across reboots.
  A saved search date is read correctly.
16.11.20146.502.4.49FFEdge Help, FFViewer check DB version on startup, documentation links
15.11.20146.501.4.47some bugfixes
  fixes some things for multilanguage
13.11.20146.501.4.43Edit / Copy: Restriction "no drawing" added
  Edit / Copy: "Single drawing": Create BOM for drawing and mark the drawing
 6.501.4.44Edit / Copy: All revisionfields (no., date, name, text) are written.
 6.501.4.45FFEdge / title block: only real revisions are written.
 6.501.4.46FFEdge / Give for Review: error correction for status.